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What Is A Pixie Bob Cat?

Our TICA-registered Pixie Bob kittens and cats are charmers!

They happily adapt to life with singles, couples, or families, and do very well with kids, other cats and dogs. You will love them in a minute!

Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs is a small, in-home breeder of Pixie Bob kittens and cats located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains near Seattle.

We have been showing and raising Pixie Bob kittens since 2003.

Pixie Bobs started with found barn cats near Mt. Baker in Bellingham, Washington.

The breed founder was enamored with their looks reminiscent of the Red Coastal Bobcat, and their dog-like personalities.

Paired with Manx cats, Bengals and just some domestic housecats, breeders worked tirelessly to perfect the look.

But do they have bobcat ancestry? Absolutely not!

pixie bob kitten

Our Cats

Our cats are amazing and it’s safe to say that the world has yet to see a perfect Pixie Bob – so we’re continuously striving for perfection!

Each one is unique with its own extraordinary strengths.

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