bringing home a kitten

Bringing Home a Kitten: Surviving the Furr-nado

Brace yourselves, fellow feline enthusiasts! You’re bringing home a kitten, a tiny ball of fur, a hurricane of cuteness, a pint-sized whirlwind of purrs and playfulness – a kitten! Welcome to the cat-astrophic, claw-some, and occasionally chaotic world of kitten parenthood.

Whether you’re introducing this pint-sized puffball to a pet-filled palace or you’re a lone cat warrior, we’ve got the purr-fect survival guide for you. So, grab your lint roller and a sense of humor, because this is the first week of a new kitten in a new home, with or without existing pets.

Bringing Home a Kitten – The Prep Work: Ready, Set, Meow!

Before you even think about bringing your new kitten home, it’s time to prepare. Cats might have a reputation for being independent, but kittens require some serious baby-proofing, or should we say, kitty-proofing.

Kitten-Proof Your Home

Kittens are curious critters, and their curiosity can get them into trouble. They’ll explore every nook and cranny, so start by kitten-proofing your space:

  1. Secure Loose Cords: Kittens are like tiny electricians, and cords are their nemesis. Tuck away or cover any loose cords to avoid a shocking experience.
  2. Put Away Breakables: Delicate porcelain figurines might not survive the week. Stash your precious knick-knacks safely out of reach.
  3. Hide Toxic Plants: Some plants are a no-go for cats. Research and make sure you don’t have any toxic greenery that could harm your new fur baby.
  4. Lock Away Cleaning Supplies: Cats are not known for their cleaning prowess. Keep chemicals and cleaning supplies far from their mischievous paws.

The Purr-fect Supplies

Now, let’s talk about supplies. Your kitten will need some essential items to thrive:

  1. Cat Carrier – Choose a carrier that is appropriate for the size your new kitten will be as an adult. Sure, it’ll look somewhat forlorn in it for a while, but you’ll only buy one carrier and not an assortment of them.
  2. Litter Box: Invest in a good-sized litter box. It might seem huge for a kitten, but they’ll grow into it – trust us.
  3. Food and water bowls – Unless of course, you don’t mind your fluffball eating from the floor. We highly recommend sticking to porcelain or stainless steel bowls. And if you want to go all out – get a pet fountain that provides a source of constant fresh water. (insert link here to product review)
  4. High-Quality Food: Choose the best kitten food your money can buy. Opt for a reputable brand, and avoid cheap, low-quality options. You know – garbage in, garbage out. Even your kitten is what it eats and a top-quality food ensures a healthy cat.
  5. Kitten-Safe Toys Galore: Kittens are like toddlers with fur. Stock up on toys to keep them entertained but make sure they are kitten safe. Avoid toys with strings or little plastic adornments.
  6. Scratching Posts & Cat Tree: Save your furniture by providing plenty of scratching outlets and/or a tall cat tree. Cats love to hang out in high places to survey their purr-dom.
  7. Comfy Bed: Because even the tiniest furballs deserve a cozy spot.

Set Up a Safe Space

When you first bring your kitten home, it’s essential to provide them with a designated safe space – a quiet room that’s all their own. This space should include their bed, food, water, litter box, and toys. It gives them a secure base to start exploring.

Bringing Home Your Kitten

The big day has arrived! You’re bringing your new fur baby home. Whether or not you already have other furballs, the arrival of a kitten is a memorable experience.

Ask the kitten’s previous owner to give you a towel or blanket that offers familiar smells in the kitten’s new home. And resist washing it for a couple of weeks no matter how disheveled it looks like. Trust us – it makes things so much easier.

bringing home a kitten

Without Existing Pets

If you’re introducing your kitten to a pet-free sanctuary, congratulations on your relatively straightforward journey. Here’s what to expect:

1. The Hiding Phase: Most young kittens might feel overwhelmed initially and seek refuge under the bed or in a closet. Don’t force them out; let them come out at their own pace.

Although you might think that confining the kitten to one room isn’t necessary – it is. Being in just one quiet location makes it easy for the new furry bundle of fluff to survey its territory, thus making it feel safe.

  1. Vocalization: Don’t be discouraged if your new kitten vocalizes the first few nights. Keep in mind that it just left the only place it has ever known. The kitten’s mother is no longer available for comfort and the siblings are nowhere to be found.

2. Gradual Exploration: As your kitten gains confidence, they’ll start exploring their new domain. Keep a close eye on them to ensure they don’t get into trouble.

3. Socialization: Spend quality time with your kitten, cuddling, playing, and letting them get used to their new human companions.

4. Toilet Training: Most kittens instinctively use a litter box, but you might need to show them where it is. Be patient and gentle during this process. If your home has more than one story, make sure to have litter boxes on each floor for the first few months.

5. Vet Visit: Schedule a vet visit within the first week to ensure your kitten is healthy and to discuss vaccination and spaying/neutering options.

6. The Kitty Grooming Parlor: Get ready for your kitten to “groom” you. Their tiny, sandpaper tongues might feel more like a tiny chainsaw, but it’s a sign of affection.

With Existing Pets

If you already have other furry friends at home, introducing a new kitten can be both amusing and challenging. Here’s how to navigate this furry family reunion:

1. Separate Territories: For the first few days, keep your kitten and existing animals in separate rooms to allow them to get accustomed to each other’s scents.

2. Scent Exchange: Swap bedding or toys between your new kitten and existing pets to help them become familiar with each other’s smell.

3. Controlled Meetings: After a few days, it’s time to gradually introduce your kitten and your other pets. Leave the door open allowing them to meet. Be prepared for some hissing, growling, and possibly a bit of comedy as your pets establish their hierarchy.

4. Be Patient: It might take time for your existing cat to adjust to the meow-comer. Don’t force interactions, and always reward them with treats and praise for calm behavior.

5. Feeding Time: Feed your furry family members separately during the initial introductions to avoid food-related conflicts.

More than one cat = more than one litter box. The rule of thumb is one litter box per cat, unless you invest in a self-cleaning litter box accommodating up to 4 cats. Just avoid bringing bring home a kitten and introduce your existing feline overlords to a new litter box at the same time.

6. The Kitten’s Perspective: Remember that your new kitten might be the smallest member of the household. Ensure they have safe spaces to retreat to if they feel overwhelmed. And be patient – kittens learn how to navigate their new surroundings in just a few weeks.

bringing home a kitten

The First Few Weeks: A Rollercoaster of Cuteness

Now that your kitten has settled in, get ready for a week of adorable antics. Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of what to expect:

Day 1: The Shy Arrival

Your kitten will probably be shy and cautious on the first day. They might hide and observe from afar. Spend time talking to them softly and offering treats to build trust. Play is a wonderful way of making Kitten McFluffy feel at ease.

Day 2: Exploratory Paws

As curiosity gets the better of them, your kitten will start exploring their new kingdom. Expect lots of zoomies and leaps, followed by sudden naps.

Day 3: The Great Escape

Your kitten may decide to test their ninja skills by escaping their designated safe space. Keep an eye out for Houdini-style maneuvers and consider baby gates.

Day 4: Litter Box Acrobatics

Your kitten will likely figure out the litter box by now but expect some creative acrobatics as they perfect their technique. Don’t be surprised if you find litter in unexpected places.

Day 5: The Midnight Serenade

Kittens are notorious night owls. Be prepared for nighttime play sessions and the occasional midnight serenade under your bed.

Day 6: The Climb and Conquer

Your kitten will start climbing, whether it’s curtains, furniture, or your legs. Invest in a sturdy scratching post to redirect their climbing energy.

Day 7: Social Butterfly Emerges

By the end of the week, your kitten will become more social and affectionate. You’ll be rewarded with cuddles, purrs, and tiny head-butts that will melt your heart.

Surviving the Week with Humor

Let’s face it; raising a kitten is an exercise in patience, laughter, and endless love. Here are some humorous tips to survive the week:

  1. Accept Your Role as Furniture: Congratulations! You’re now a human climbing frame. Embrace your new title as “The Tower of Treats.”
  2. The Great Toy Hunt: Prepare for the daily scavenger hunt for missing toys. Your kitten is secretly training for the Kitten Olympics, where the gold medal goes to the toy that disappears most frequently.
  3. Stealth Mode: Your kitten has mastered the art of stealth, especially when you’re trying to sleep. Remember, they’re not trying to wake you up; they’re just checking to make sure you’re okay – at 3 AM.
  4. Laser Pointer Olympics: When in doubt, break out the laser pointer. It’s the fastest way to turn your living room into a feline Formula 1 track.
  5. The Box Conundrum: Splurge on fancy toys, but your kitten will always prefer the cardboard box they came in. It’s a rule of kitty physics.
  6. Feline Food Critics: Your kitten will have strong opinions about food. One day they’ll love a particular brand, the next day they’ll act like you’ve insulted their culinary sensibilities.
  7. Fur-tastrophe: Invest in a quality lint roller because you’ll need it. You will find kitten fur in places you never knew existed.


Surviving the first week with a new kitten, whether you have existing pets or not, is an adventure filled with laughter, love, and a dash of chaos. Embrace the moments of pure cuteness and the occasional misadventure, because, before you know it, your tiny fluffball will grow into a full-fledged feline friend.

Welcome to the wonderful world of kitten parenthood, where every day is a purr-fectly precious gift. Enjoy the journey, fellow cat lovers, and may your home be forever filled with the joyful chaos of kittens.