buy pixie bob kittens

How To Buy Pixie Bob Kittens

Cat fancy associations, such as ACFA, TICA, etc. recommend that you look for a breeder who has an application process. It shows a level of professionalism that is important.

Please use the form below to apply for any of our listed kittens or to apply for a spot on our waiting list. Make sure to fill out all fields. Once you submit the form, we will review your information and then set up a Zoom meeting to discuss your needs and how we can best help you.

Detailed information on our process to buy Pixie Bob kittens can be found on our FAQ page. Please also familiarize yourself with our prices. These are price ranges. We cannot quote nor guarantee an exact price until kittens are born and we have had time to assess them.

Please review and read our Purchase Agreement before submitting your application.