How To Best Care For Your Pixie Bob Kittens

You’ve finally found your perfect Pixie Bob kitten. Great and congratulations! What kitten care should you provide when you bring it home? Do you remember everything your new fur baby’s breeder told you? Maybe not and that’s understandable. You’re way too excited to focus on anything else! Breeders are always happy to share their knowledge […]

How Rare Is The Pixie Bob Cat Really?

IW TGC Forest Hunter Northern Dancer

The rare Pixie Bob Cat – but what constitutes a rare Pixie Bob cat? “Rare” refers to any breed with few breeders and few cats. In comparison to the very popular Maine Coon or Bengal, the Pixie Bob cat is extremely rare. What makes a rare Pixie Bob cat? Right off the bat, there are […]

The #1 Comprehensive Pixie Bob Kitten Buying Guide

We felt a need for a Pixie Bob kitten buying guide as not a month goes by without a distraught pet buyer contacting us to either obtain another kitten or to ask for help with the one they got from another breeder. The complaints range from receiving an extremely shy kitten to a kitten that […]

What are cat registries and how can they help you?

This is the third article in our series of tips and tricks and the #1 Comprehensive Kitten Buying Guide. Today we will talk about cat registries, what they are, what they are not, and how they can help you when researching breeders who you consider buying from. What is a purebred cat registry? It’s actually […]

Cat Breeder Interview – The Important Step #2

Finding ethical breeders is hard. The cat breeder interview is the second step in the kitten buying process and the second article in our “#1 Comprehensive Kitten Buying Guide” series. At this time, you have zeroed in on a breed or perhaps two and you have found some promising ethical breeders. So what’s next? Well, of […]

Pixie Bob Traits – Top 5 Reasons Why They Are Simply Perfect

You might ask yourself if the Pixie Bob traits make this breed a good fit for your and your family. Look no further. Here are the Top 5 reasons why to choose a Pixie Bob cat (TICA or ACFA registered of course) as your next family member: One of the top Pixie Bob traits – they […]

Our Vet Cheat Sheet – An Invaluable Resource

Knowing how overwhelming a vet visit can be, I have developed a Vet Cheat Sheet for your Pixiebobs to make things easier on Fluffy’s next check-up visit. Let’s face it – a vet visit can be more stressful than a visit to a human doctor. There are so many acronyms. Just like human doctors, veterinarians […]

One or two – which one is better?

Pixie Bob Kitten happiness – is there such a thing? I am often getting asked how to ensure the happiness of Pixie Bob kittens. Should I get one? Or should I get two? Will one kitten by itself during the day be o.k.? The answer is simple – yes, and yes! Well, maybe not quite […]