Pet Insurance – Is It Worth It?

Pet Insurance – Why it is a good idea All of our kittens go to their new homes with a 30-day prepaid pet insurance policy, courtesy Trupanion. After 30 days, our pet buyers are invited to turn the complimentary policy into a permanent one with a yearly renewal at an average cost of about $35/month […]

Cat Breeder Interview – The Important Step #2

Finding ethical breeders is hard. The cat breeder interview is the second step in the kitten buying process and the second article in our “#1 Comprehensive Kitten Buying Guide” series. At this time, you have zeroed in on a breed or perhaps two and you have found some promising ethical breeders. So what’s next? Well, of […]

Veterinary Care – Read This Before Your Next Vet Visit

Pixie Bob veterinary care need not be a mystery or scare you. Some veterinarians may tell you that your kittens/cats need more vaccines. That can be dangerous. Over-vaccinating causes severe adverse health issues. What can you do? There are few vaccines an indoor-only cat needs. Also, the frequency is far less than some veterinarians make […]

Our Vet Cheat Sheet – An Invaluable Resource

Knowing how overwhelming a vet visit can be, I have developed a Vet Cheat Sheet for your Pixiebobs to make things easier on Fluffy’s next check-up visit. Let’s face it – a vet visit can be more stressful than a visit to a human doctor. There are so many acronyms. Just like human doctors, veterinarians […]

Did you know?

What are typical Pixie Bob cat traits?  Read on to find out some fun facts that you might now know. Although the breed is considered wholly domestic, when it comes to kittens there are some noticeable differences between the Pixie Bob cat traits and its non-pedigreed cousins. So here are some fun facts that you might […]

One or two – which one is better?

Pixie Bob Kitten happiness – is there such a thing? I am often getting asked how to ensure the happiness of Pixie Bob kittens. Should I get one? Or should I get two? Will one kitten by itself during the day be o.k.? The answer is simple – yes, and yes! Well, maybe not quite […]