how to play with a kitten

The Playful Guide: How to Play with a Kitten Without Getting Clawed


Welcoming a kitten into your home is like adding a burst of joy and energy into your life. These tiny furballs are bundles of mischief and curiosity, always ready for a game or two. However, when it comes to how to play with a kitten, without getting clawed, employing a bit of finesse ensures both you and your furry friend have a purr-fectly good time. And let’s be clear from the start – using your hands as toys is a big no-no! But fear not, I’m here to guide you through the art of playing with your kitten safely and joyfully.

Why Hands Are a No-Go Zone

Before I dive into the fun stuff, let’s address the elephant in the room – or rather, the claws in the room. Using your hands as toys for your kitten might seem harmless, but it’s a slippery slope. Kittens have sharp claws and teeth, and to them, your fingers might resemble prey. Plus, encouraging this behavior can lead to unintentional scratches or bites, and trust us, those tiny teeth can pack a surprising punch!

So, let’s keep those precious digits out of the line of fire, shall we? Remember, a playful nip or scratch from a kitten might not seem like a big deal, but it sets the tone for adult cat behavior. And let’s face it, adult cats’ teeth and claws can do some serious damage – let’s nip this habit in the bud while they’re still young and impressionable with some simple, yet very effective alternatives showing you how to play with a kitten the right way.

Pawsome Playtime Alternatives

Now that I’ve established the ground rules, let’s explore some pawsitively delightful ways to engage with your kitten:

How to Play With a Kitten – Feather Wand Frenzy

Channel your inner magician and dazzle your kitten with a feather wand! These toys mimic the erratic movements of birds, triggering your kitten’s hunting instincts. Wiggle the wand around, let the feathers flutter, and watch as your kitten pounces and leaps with abandon. It’s like hosting a feline circus right in your living room!

Ah, behold the holy grail of kitty entertainment – the feather toy wand! Picture this: a telescoping wand so impressive, that you could reach your mischievous furball from halfway across the room! But wait, there’s more! This marvel comes with a treasure trove of attachments, carefully crafted to awaken your kitten’s inner hunter. It’s the ultimate temptation, guaranteed to turn your living room into a feline frenzy zone!

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How to Play With a Kitten – Ball Bonanza

Ah, the timeless appeal of the ball – it’s a classic for a reason! Roll a small ball across the floor, and watch as your kitten chases with single-minded determination. You can even up the ante by introducing balls with bells inside for an extra jingle of excitement. Just be prepared for some impressive acrobatics as your kitten goes into full-on soccer mode!

Let me introduce you to the magic of the fluffy kitty ball! It’s like catnip on steroids – I’ve yet to meet a furball who can resist its fluffy allure. And get this: it’s not just a toy, it’s a training tool in disguise! Simply toss the ball, and watch your kitten go on a wild chase. But here’s the kicker: when they bring it back to you (yes, they do that!), throw it again! It’s like teaching them to fetch but with a feline twist. Before you know it, you’ll have yourself a bona fide kitty retriever – who said you needed a dog for that?

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How to Play With a Kitten – Paper Bag Hide-and-Seek

Who would’ve thought that a humble paper bag could be the key to feline bliss? It’s like magic in a sack! Lay one of these supermarket relics on the floor and behold as your kitten’s curiosity spirals out of control. They’ll poke, prod, and pounce on it with unbridled enthusiasm, eventually succumbing to the allure and diving right in, as if embarking on a grand adventure.

It’s their very own version of a cozy hideaway, complete with crinkly walls and endless exploration opportunities. And here’s a pro tip for maximum enjoyment: toss in some crumpled-up paper for extra rustling excitement! It’s recycling at its finest – who knew eco-friendliness could be this entertaining?

How to Play With a Kitten – Laser Pointer Dance Party

Prepare for some serious cardio as you unleash the power of the laser pointer! Watch in amusement as your kitten chases the elusive red dot, darting and weaving with lightning-fast reflexes. Just remember to avoid shining the laser directly into your kitten’s eyes and to give them a chance to “catch” the dot occasionally to prevent frustration.

Here’s a great laser toy I am personally using. My cats and kittens love it! And the best thing? It’s a two-fer! You get two laser toys for the price of one.

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How to Play With a Kitten – Puzzle Toy Palooza

For the intellectually inclined kitten, puzzle toys provide the perfect blend of challenge and reward. These toys often involve treats hidden within compartments or under movable parts, encouraging your kitten to use their wits to claim their tasty prize. It’s like a game of cat-and-mouse, but with treats at stake!

I found this amazing puzzle toy that doubles as a slow feeder on Amazon. It’s made by Catit who in my personal opinion offer a variety of excellent, well-made, and easy-to-clean cat products, such as water fountains, etc. Not only does it offer endless entertainment while your kitten tries to get tasty treats, but it also doubles as a slow feeder in the event your Fluffinator grows up to be a “food addict”, eating too fast and then throwing it all up.

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Playing with your kitten is not only a delightful way to bond but also essential for their physical and mental well-being. By providing engaging and safe playtime activities, you’re not only enriching their lives but also strengthening your bond as companions. So, toss aside those hand-based temptations and embrace the wide world of kitten-approved toys. Your fingers will thank you, and your kitten will purr with gratitude!

Remember, a happy kitten means a happy household, so let the games begin!

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to embark on a playful journey with your kitten and now know how to play with a kitten, adding laughter, joy, and maybe a few unexpected surprises along the way.