Pixie Bob Kitten Care 101

pixie bob kitten care

You’ve finally found your perfect Pixie Bob kitten. Great and congratulations!

What kitten care should you provide when you bring it home? Do you remember everything your new fur baby’s breeder told you? Maybe not and that’s understandable. You’re way too excited to focus on anything else!

Breeders are always happy to share their knowledge with you, but it is often hard for new owners remembering everything they were told. This series of articles will help ensure that your transition goes smoothly by reminding you of important tips and tricks related to the care of your Pixie Bob!

  1. Prepare your home.
  2. The two weeks in the new home.
  3. Introduction into the home after the first two weeks.
  4. Meeting all family members.
  5. Meeting the dog.
  6. Meeting the other cat(s).

Let’s just start with preparing your home for the arrival of your dream Pixie Bob.

Kittens will continuously teeth until they are about 6-7 months old. While teething, they tend to seek relief by chewing on things – just like a human baby would. Anything and everything goes. Cables – check! Toilet paper rolls – check! Throw rug fringe – check!

Now, it’s not a big deal if the kitten shreds and eats toilet paper. But any kind of strings or worse – electrical cables can be quite dangerous.

Do yourself the favor and buy simple cord covers and temporarily stash anything that has strings on it or could be dissolved into strings.

kitten care
Chewsafe Cord Protector

Here is an inexpensive, easy to use cord protector that will save the kitten from harm and prevent you having to replace cords – en masse.