Who We Are

Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs joined the Pixie Bob breeder community in October of 2003 when we registered the cattery with TICA. Our first litter arrived in early 2004.

Since then, we have worked tirelessly promoting the breed by showing our cats in TICA and ACFA, educating the public, and serving as breed chairs in both associations.

Our Experience

  • Current TICA Breed Committee Chair
  • ACFA Breed Liaison
  • President of NW Pixie Bob Rescue
  • Over 20 Years Experience

Why We Stand Out

There is a reason Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs is one of the top Pixie Bob breeders and the home of many International and Regional Winners.

Our Pixie Bob kittens for sale are among the best – looks and temperament.

It is challenging work, and even after over 20 years, it is never getting old. We are still so excited about every litter being born.


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The Look

The Pixie Bob is a large cat bred to resemble with substantial boning. The most important feature of a Pixie Bob is its face.

Hooded eyes that give the cat an almost brooding expression and a prominent muzzle are the most important features of a Pixie Bob cat.

The Size

We are often asked how much our cats weigh as adults. The average domestic house cat male weighs around 8-12 lbs. while a male Pixie Bob cat weighs around 13-18 lbs.

You might have a cat that is 20 lbs., but is it healthy or overweight?

The Temperament

Pixie Bobs have remarkable personalities. They are dog-like in behavior – come when called, many are self-trained fetchers and do well with leash & harness training.

One of our kittens is an avid hiker and enjoys hikes around Snoqualmie Pass with its owners.

Pixie Bob Breed Info

Did you know?

Read all about interesting Pixie Bob cat traits and fun facts that we bet you did not know...

Pixie Bob Characteristics

The Pixie Bob cat is one of the most captivating breeds in existence. With its short tail and exotic appearance, you can’t help but be fascinated with this furry friend from Earth’s imagination!

But it turns out that these cats were never truly “exotic” at all – DNA testing has shown there have never been any wild bobcat genes present. The Pixie Bob cat is one of the most affectionate and friendliest cats you’ll ever meet. They’re also sweet-natured, and love kids (including their own), and other cats, or dogs that are well-behaved!

Unlike some cats, Pixie Bob kitties are loyal and friendly. They enjoy many of the same activities as dogs do such as walking on leashes or playing fetch! Some might even say these furry felines have more personality than their canine counterparts since they’re so quick to show affection for their owners.

They often follow them around like a shadow when it’s time for playtime (and we don’t know about you but that sounds pretty great)! If you want a big, playful cat with an unusual appearance and outstanding personality then the Pixie Bob may be your perfect match!

Who is Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs?

Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs is a small, in-home breeder of Pixie Bob cats and kittens located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains near Seattle. We have been showing and raising Pixie Bob kittens since 2003.

All of our kittens are raised in a home environment together with our cats and our dog Wookie. Over the past 20 years, we have developed a great understanding of this breed, its characteristics, genetics, and nutritional and emotional needs.

Our kittens are loving companions that get along with kids, other cats, and dogs making them as versatile as they come.

Our philosophy is simple. Put in the very best and you will get the very best. We spend countless hours socializing with our kittens. Each parent cat gets yearly veterinary care. Most of them end up staying with us after they retire.

A life without a Pixie Bob cat in it is unimaginable to us. Once you get to meet one of our kittens, we are certain you will feel the same way.

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The Forest Hunter Philosophy

Early Spay/Neuter

It was never a question of whether our kittens would be leaving our home already spayed or neutered. Every single kitten that leaves our home is spayed or neutered first – no exceptions.

No Excuses

The excuses other Pixie Bob breeders use boggle the mind. Either their vet does not provide early spay/neuter services, or they claim that this perfectly safe procedure causes issues.

Love For The Breed

Didn’t buy your kitten from us? No worries – we are here for any Pixie Bob owner. Well, any cat owner, really. If you have an issue that puzzles you, give us a shout! We are here for you.

To Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs, it was never a question of whether our kittens would be leaving our home already spayed or neutered. The only way Pixie Bob breeders can assure 100% that none of the kittens they produce would end up producing unwanted litters is to have them fixed before they leave.

The excuses other Pixie Bob breeders use boggle the mind. Either their vet does not provide early spay/neuter services, or they claim that this perfectly safe procedure causes “muscular-skeletal issues” in adult cats. Dogs and only dogs have that issue. What we hear when a Pixie bob breeder lets kittens go unfixed is, “I am too cheap to do the right thing.”

And the cheapness continues with letting kittens go inappropriately under-vaccinated and/or full of internal and/or external parasites. And don’t even get us started on the 72-hour guarantee. In other words, once 3 days are over, you, dear pet buyer, are out of luck if anything goes wrong with your kitten. After-sale support is a foreign term to those Pixie Bob breeders, and none of them take any of their cats back when they are no longer wanted.

Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs never understood why so many breeders take money but do not stand behind what they produce. It is hard enough being a breeder and thus the subject of constant attacks as an “animal abuser” who uses defenseless animals to make a buck. Is it really so hard to do things right?

Believe us when we tell you that it is not. Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs is living proof. You can rescue, and you can breed. You can develop one of the Top 3 Pixie Bob programs worldwide with extremely true to type cats while still ensuring health and vigor, longevity, and superb temperaments. Yes, you can still operate at cost (you don’t make anything that could be regarded as a “profit” – we think our hourly rate is around $2.50).

My philosophy is that you do one thing, and you do it right. Be a leader if you want to affect change, even if it is just for yourself. Show them how it is done and hope that some will follow. I am so proud of all those breeders that I have been able to mentor along the way. Their programs are also a cut above the rest.