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Who Is Who

Meet our Pixie Bob cats! Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs is incredibly proud to be THE cattery that has produced the highest-scoring Pixie Bob cat since the inception of the breed some 35 years ago.

TICA International Winner Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion Forest Hunter Northern Dancer who is residing in France achieved this incredible feat in just one show season. Most recent Forest Hunter Caliente achieve Grand Champion Alter status.

Our Pixie Bob Cats

We got four wonderful TICA and ACFA registered ladies one of which is a newcomer. They represent 18+ years of hard work. Each of them has the exceptional type and features many well-known Pixie Bob catteries in their pedigrees, such as Stone Island, DixiePixie, Alsoomse, ExpresivePixie, Springcreek, etc.

Extensive pedigree studies paired with rigorous evaluation of our Pixie Bob cats against the written breed standard for over 18 years have resulted in near-perfect-looking Pixie Bob cats with a very consistent type. If you look at any of our boys, you can say: “Yes, that’s a Forest Hunter Pixie Bob”.

The perfect Pixie Bob cat face has a wild look with heavily hooded eyes that give the cat a brooding or even “upset” look. Some people call this a “wild gaze”. The muzzle is another major focus and needs to be large and prominent with a deep chin and significant width. A good Pixie Bob breeder is looking for a muzzle that is as wide as it is deep and resembles the shape of a soft-sided triangle.

When selecting a kitten to keep for our program, the tail is not even a consideration. Our now-retired girl Indy is the perfect example. She has an amazing head type and a longer tail. She gave us many kittens of amazing type and is the great grandmother to our up-and-coming Etta James.

And The Work Continues

The main focus of a good Pixie Bob program is to improve the type of each of our Pixie Bob cats. Careful selection, meticulous pedigree research, and “whisker splitting,” if not brutal assessment of our Pixie Bob cats when deciding if any kitten is worth being part of our program are at the base of our success.

After 20 years, we continue to find aspects that we feel we can improve upon in our Pixie Bob cats. Let’s face it – the perfect Pixie Bob is yet to be born. Although we like to think that we are coming very close to this goal. We are immensely grateful to our mentor for having taught us the skills required to accurately assess our kittens and to be an ethical breeder. And it clearly shows in the quality of our cats.

At times, we liken the kitten evaluation process to “splitting whiskers”. And not always will the most stunning-looking kitten be retained for our program. When pairing cats, one must identify traits requiring improvement and pick a mate that promises to deliver such improvement.

We are particularly excited about our current up-and-coming future breeding cats who represent our hard work’s cumulation. All that includes incorporating a completely unrelated foundation line assuring that our cats maintain the health and vigor they are known for throughout the world.

The result is our stunning 02T (second generation Pixie Bob) Forest Hunter Maru. His mom is our now retired Forest Hunter Rangatiratanga and his dad is our also retired foundation cat Malibu of Forest Hunter. Maru in turn has passed his incredible looks on to his daughter, Forest Hunter Etta James. Her babies will be showable.