The #1 Comprehensive Pixie Bob Kitten Buying Guide

We felt a need for a Pixie Bob kitten buying guide as not a month goes by without a distraught pet buyer contacting us to either obtain another kitten or to ask for help with the one they got from another breeder.

The complaints range from receiving an extremely shy kitten to a kitten that comes with parasites all the way up to having lost a kitten or a young adult to heart disease or FIP.

We belong to several Facebook forums that offer disgruntled or dismayed pet buyers an avenue to talk about their experiences and warn others.

pixie bob kitten buying guide
What a cute Pixie Bob Kitten!

After wading through the information provided, one thing almost always becomes obvious – these buyers made the typical “newbie” mistakes:

  • Wanted a kitten RIGHT NOW!
  • Did not interview multiple breeders.
  • Did not call the registry (TICA, CFA, ACFA, etc.) to inquire about the breeder’s standing.
  • Bought it on a whim without researching the breed and the breeder.
  • Did not get a decent contract.
  • Did not get a WRITTEN health guarantee.
  • Did not visit the cattery where possible or accepted that they could not visit due to “safety concerns.”
  • Did not closely examine all pictures and documents provided by the breeder.
  • Did not research the internet for any potentially negative information about the breeder, such as the Better Business Bureau or consumer complaint sites.
  • Did not bother to establish a relationship with the breeder first.
  • Did not have access to a Pixie Bob kitten buying guide.

That said – the information is fundamental and limited. It is not unheard that a buyer doing business with a registered breeder listed on these websites had a horrible experience. Being registered, unfortunately, does not guarantee that you are dealing with a good breeder.

Most cat fancy registries such as TICA, ACFA, and CFA have some form of a kitten buying guide for potential buyers to help navigate the buying process and make it a success.

All of the aforementioned registries clearly state on their websites that any breeder registration or listing does not constitute an endorsement. Unfortunately, some buyers found that to be true, the hard way.

Our Solution – The #1 Comprehensive Pixie Bob Kitten Buying Guide

After 18 years of breeding, we have seen it all, heard it all, and many times shook our heads in utter disbelief.

These sad stories often go untold, and nothing is learned from them. Or they get highly publicized in some online forum ruffling countless feathers only to end up repeating themselves over and over. The jaded buyers almost always repeat the same mantra over and over: “I didn’t know and thought I did the right thing. Now I know better.”

Needless to say that this statement is always accompanied by hefty vet bills and, at times, even heartbreak over having lost a kitten because of an unscrupulous breeder.

We decided that perhaps we should put our vast experience (rescue for 25 years and counting and breeding for 20 years and counting) into a series of detailed articles examining each aspect of the Pixie Bob kitten buying guide by providing specific information and how to’s. The #1 Comprehensive Kitten Buying Guide was born.

Over the coming weeks, we will publish several articles as part of our Pixie Bob kitten buying guide talking about each of the common newbie kitten buyer mistakes listed above, what to do, and what to avoid. Please feel free to check back each week for the next article in this series.