One or two – which one is better?

Pixie Bob Kitten happiness – is there such a thing? I am often getting asked how to ensure the happiness of Pixie Bob kittens. Should I get one? Or should I get two? Will one kitten by itself during the day be o.k.?

The answer is simple – yes, and yes! Well, maybe not quite that simple. Let’s dig deeper!

The Cat’s Natural Behavior

Cats are, first and foremost, nocturnal. That means during the day when you are gone, that little furball mostly lays around and sleeps. When you get home at 6 or so, your fluffy partner in crime is wide awake and ready to roll.

If the Fluffinator had a kitty pal of complimentary age, he would naturally gravitate to the other feline in the house for playtime. This certainly makes a good case for having more than one cat.

That’s a lot of money!

If the budget doesn’t allow the purchase of two purebred kittens simultaneously, it’s perfectly acceptable to look for a suitable mate at your local rescue. You accomplish two things that way – you get your purebred, AND you save a life.

Or ask the breeder if there would be a suitable retiree you could also take. They are often priced at merely the cost of the spay or neuter plus updated vaccines. On the other hand, perhaps one cat is all you want/can afford to take care of. That’s quite alright. Pixie Bobs are notorious for being fine in a busy, multi-person/animal family as well as the quiet only-cat home.

The Correct Pixie Bob Kitten Environment for Happiness

Regardless of your preference, you need to give some thought to creating a suitable indoor environment for your cat. Sounds daunting? It is quite easy, and you can do this on a reasonable budget. One thing to consider is the quality of the items you are going to purchase. Pay a bit more off the bat, and you won’t have to replace them any time soon.

So here we go (note: any links are NOT affiliated links, so you are safe to click on them, and I won’t get a penny):

Pixie Bob Kittens Happiness Perches

Pixie Bob kittens and cats love high places. Many DIY ideas on Pinterest show you how to create a kitty jungle gym on a bit of wall space while respecting your budget.

pixie bob kitten happiness
Pixie Bob Kitten Happiness Perch

I recently bought and installed this awesome contraption. My cats love it so much that I decided to order two more. 

Pixie Bob Cat Scratchers

Cats will use their claws to mark territory. Help them be good kitties by providing them with a couple of cardboard scratchers for vertical scratching surfaces. My personal favorites are available at Target. $20 and they last forever.

The perfect cat scratcher

Cat Trees – Heaven & Happiness for Pixie Bob Kittens

Preferably, you would also invest in a good cat tree. These will not come cheap but will last for many years. Here’s what I use in my home. I bought mine 7 years ago, and it still looks fantastic.

It also has a replaceable shelf and scratch pads. They are found on Wayfair and Overstock at around $350.

Note: they are very sturdy and will last forever. They are either referred to as the Cleopatra Cat Tree or the Lotus Cat Tree.

The Lotus Cat Tree

Interactive Toys

Get some toys that Kitty Fluffington can play with on its own. The turbo scratcher has a ball that kitty can chase ad nauseam. It also doubles as a scratchpad. Little fuzzy or foam balls are wonderful to toss around, and so are smaller catnip filled toys.

Hours of fun!

And how do you get your kitten to sleep at night? Well, check back for the next article (it’s a short one) that will teach you how to handle a kitten or cat that keeps you up at night.