Pixie Bob Kittens For Sale News

We currently do not have any kittens available for reservation. Our next litter is due to arrive mid of June 2023. If you are interesting in getting on our waiting list, please fill out our Kitten Application.

How To Purchase Pixie Bob Kittens

Make sure to fill out our Kitten Application.

Please refer to our FAQ page for detailed information on the process involved in obtaining one of our available Pixie Bob kittens for sale or how to get on our waiting list.

We also encourage you to check out and follow our Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs Facebook Page for the latest kitten news, such as birth announcements and available kittens.

How To Get On Our Waiting List

pixie bob kittens for sale

What To Do

Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs provides a registration slip for each kitten. Our Pixie Bob kittens for sale are registered with either TICA or ACFA and, on occasions, both. Also, kittens come already altered (no exceptions), fully vaccinated (even rabies), microchipped, and guaranteed against HCM, PKD, and FIP for life.


We even include a 30-day prepaid vet insurance policy. Therefore, Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs stands alone with what we provide with each of our Pixie Bob kittens for sale.

Looking for more detailed breed information, such as characteristics and care, etc.? Check out our blog brimming with great articles about breed specifics such as looks and pedigrees. There you will also find articles about behavior, food, toys, and vet care. In conclusion, take the time to read through our website.

Want to know a bit more about the purrson behind Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs? Check out our About page.

Want to know what your Pixie Bob kitten could look like? Just hop on over to our Facebook Page. We constantly post pictures of our cats and, of course, our kittens.

What To Consider

There are many things to consider when deciding which one of our Pixie Bob kittens for sale to go with and which breeder to buy from. Firstly, you should research the breed and any potential breeder first. We highly encourage you to read through our FAQ page for information to consider before buying one of our Pixie Bob kittens for sale. 

Here are some basic questions you should always ask:

1. How long have you been breeding?
2. What is included in the price?
3. Do you offer any guarantees? If yes, what are they?
4. Are the parents on-site?
5. What can you tell me about the Pixie Bob cat and its personality?
6. Can I come to visit?

Another great source is our Blog full of great articles on how to purchase a purebred Pixie Bob kitten.