Our Vet Cheat Sheet – An Invaluable Resource

Knowing how overwhelming a vet visit can be, I have developed a Vet Cheat Sheet for your Pixiebobs to make things easier on Fluffy’s next check-up visit.

Let’s face it – a vet visit can be more stressful than a visit to a human doctor. There are so many acronyms. Just like human doctors, veterinarians are often rushed and do not take the time to explain everything.

Or worse, they tell you horror stories to justify why your cat needs all these vaccines. Low and behold, you’ll end up with a large vet bill containing at least 3-4 vaccines and other preventative treatments.

And of course, as soon as you leave, you feel borderline railroaded. You ask yourself if “all that” was really necessary. And you might even worry if what you just did to your Pixie Bob cat might now actually be harmful.

Chances are it was not necessary and might indeed be harmful in the long run.

Help is on the way!

Our handy dandy and free “Pixiebobs Vet Cheat Sheet” for indoor-only cats is sure to make things easier. It is a simple list based on recommendations established by AAFP – American Association of Feline Practitioners.
These recommendations will do three things:

  • Prevent disease.
  • Eliminate the potentially fatal effects of over-vaccination.
  • Protect your pocketbook.
vet cheat sheet
Our Vet Cheat Sheet

Yours – free! The Pixiebobs Vet Cheat Sheet

Just right-click on the picture to save it. Then print this out and take it with you to your next visit. This will let you know what your Pixie Bob cat needs each year.

I hope you find this simple list helpful, and it will take the stress out of Fluffy’s next “V E T” visit.