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Listen up, fellow cat servants! I’ve got some news that might just change your litter box game forever. The Best Litter Mat is here to rescue your floors from the impending kitty litter apocalypse!

I’ve tried everything! And with that, I mean – EVERYTHING. From area rugs to puppy piddle pads to textured rubber litter mats. You name it – I’ve tried it.

And reliably, every single time I ended up disappointed. Either the litter mat didn’t catch enough litter or it was super difficult to keep clean.

Eventually, when talking to one of my crazy cat lady friends, someone suggested this product claiming it was the best litter mat they’ve ever used. Off to Amazon I went and ordered one and held my breath. Well, turns out I found the holy grail of cat litter mats! So without further ado, let’s deep dive into the details:

Let’s talk about size first:

This litter mat is so big, it could double as a cat runway! It’s a large 24″ x 30″. Say goodbye to those days of finding stray litter particles in every nook and cranny of your home. With its impressive size and double-layer design, it’s like a cat litter magnet that somehow repels everything else.

best litter mat

I converted my 30″ wide walk-in coat closet into a litter box facility complete with litter boxes (duh!) and a cute kitty indoor entryway for doors. The litter mat covers the entire width of the closet, thus catching an inordinate amount of litter. I admit, a little sprinkle here and there will escape, but overall I’d say 95% of the litter stays inside the closet and never makes it into my living area.

Guaranteed Liquid-Proof:

But wait, it gets better. This best cat litter mat is not just a litter magnet; it’s a fortress against liquid disasters! It’s got the whole “urine-proof” thing down pat, and that’s a game-changer in itself. Plus, it’s anti-slip, so even the most enthusiastic litter-diggers won’t send it sliding across the room.

The backing of this best litter mat is nothing other than a puppy piddle pad. Washable and reusable of course. And when it’s time for cleanup, just toss the liner in the washing machine – no need to wrestle with a stubborn, stained mat. It’s truly super easy to clean.

best litter mat


The Best Litter Mat is a game-changer for all you cat enthusiasts out there. With its impressive size, liquid-proof design, easy cleanup, and machine washability it’s your best defense against the kitty litter apocalypse!

Best Litter Mat – Ever!

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Very efficient
Great price point
Just the right size
Easy to clean
Detachable liner – just throw it in the washer/dryer – voila – like new!

Doesn’t catch all the litter (no mat does)