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Meowant Litter Box – Because even cats deserve a clean porcelain throne

I can sing a song about litter box chores. See, if you need to scoop 15 of those contraptions (yes, FIFTEEN), twice per day, you get to a point of resentment. Why do these cats have to poop THAT much?

Let’s take a walk down memory lane – self-cleaning litter box memory lane that is. My journey into self-cleaning litter boxes started years ago with the purchase of one very spendy Litter Robot. Their first model left to be desired and after just about a year, I had enough of the maintenance that thing required and I threw it in the trash.

Eventually, Litter Robot came out with a new model of which I purchased three to the tune of over $2,000. Spendy, right?

Eventually, after just 4 years even those gave out and I also realized that three isn’t enough. I needed a total of five self-cleaning ones to replace my fifteen traditional litter boxes. So, I went online and asked Google, PhD for some advice. That is how I discovered the Meowant Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

I own five (yes, FIVE!) of these contraptions and love them!

meowant litter box

Odor Control, Baby!

First things first, Meowant litter box boasts odor control that’s so impressive it could moonlight as an air freshener. Thanks to its built-in compartment holding a nifty odor-fighting insert, your home will be as odor-free as a cat nap in a field of catnip—no more stink-eye from your kitty or judgmental glares from visitors.

A little extra tip: put a single dryer sheet into the waste bin bottom and rest assured that you won’t ever smell your cat’s delicate outputs. Note: not my idea. I read about this on the very helpful Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes Discussion Group on Facebook. It features detailed reviews and has a wonderful forum allowing you to ask questions or get help.

Multi-Function App

But that’s not all – Meowant litter box’s multi-function app is the cat’s meow! It tracks your cat’s bathroom habits (because every cat parent secretly wants to know), reminds you when it’s time for a refill, and provides a daily “purrformance” report that’s more informative than a cat documentary.

As much as I think the app is great, it unfortunately is not designed to control more than one Meowant. So, if you are like me and own more than one Meowant Litter Box, you might as well forget about this app. I don’t ever use it.

Can you hear me now?

And here’s the kicker: it’s quieter than a mouse tip-toeing through a cheese shop, so you won’t disturb your precious furball during their private time nor will you wake up several times at night when it needs to cycle. Truly, you cannot hear this self-cleaning litter box run unless you are standing right next to it and even then it’s as “loud” as a hum. Isn’t that amazing?

meowant litter box

And the best part? Meowant is the most chill litter box when it comes to litter choice. It welcomes just about any cat litter with particles smaller than 1/2″, because who wants to argue with a finicky feline about their litter preferences?

I am big on clumping cat litters and use Sustainably Yours in all of my self-cleaning litter boxes. It works magic in the Meowant.


In a world where cat gear can cost a fortune, Meowant is refreshingly budget-friendly. It won’t have you contemplating a second mortgage or questioning if you’ve become a cat butler. Who likes to spend over $700 for a self-cleaning litter box if they don’t have to?

Meowant Litter Box

Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs

Self-Cleaning Litter Box


Multi-Cat Compatible
Multi-Function App
Free Shipping
30-day In-home Trial
Easy to clean
Uses filters for odor control
Suitable for most litters
Accommodates large cats up to 18 lbs.
Most Affordable Self-Cleaning Litter Box

No replacement parts
No accessories
Only a basic 1-year warranty with no upgrade option