modern cat tree

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The “Modern Cat Tree” – where luxury meets practicality, and your cat’s dreams of world domination find their launching pad!

Pawsitively Purrfect Pine:

It’s no secret – I am a big fan of cat trees made from solid wood without the use of carpet. Carpet is truly a poor choice for cat trees. Over time, more and more cat fur gets stuck in it and even the best vacuum is powerless after a while and who likes a cat tree that’s covered in deeply embedded cat fur? I don’t!

This modern cat tree is crafted from solid pine and as sturdy as your cat’s claim to your lap during your Zoom meetings. It’s more than just furniture; it’s a statement piece that says, “My cat rules this roost!”

modern cat tree

Cat Nap Central:

With not one, but two tiers of luxury (for those cat aficionados who have two cats), your cat can indulge in its favorite pastime: napping. And the best part? The beds are detachable and machine washable because even royalty gets a little messy sometimes.

Unfortunately, the beds need to be air-dried, but at least they are washable allowing you to keep your cat’s new favorite lounging spot in pristine condition.

Modern Design, Kitty Approved:

My home decoration style is best described as “modern with a twist” and I much prefer any of the various cat paraphernalia to mimic my own personal design style.

The modern cat tree boasts a sleek, modern design in a neutral color that’ll make your cat the talk of the feline fashion world. It’s like the catwalk of cat furniture!

Scratch-tastic Surprise:

We know your cat’s love for scratching is as strong as your love for coffee, so we’ve included a built-in scratch area. No more sacrificing your furniture to the claws of doom – let your cat do its thing without the guilt.

I have to say that the scratch area is a bit on the small side. I know from experience that cats will not just use the sisal area for scratching but will utilize the entire post since it is made from wood.

Modern Cat Tree

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Machine washable beds
Neutral colors
Solid pine wood
Easy to clean
Sisal for scratching
Great price point
Modern vibe
Free shipping for Amazon Prime members

Only 25″ tall
Cannot machine-dry beds
Scratch area is on the small side
Just the standard Amazon 1-year warranty