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Say ‘Fur-well’ to Pet Messes and ‘Hello’ to a Stink-Free Kingdom!

Honestly, I picked up my first bottle of Chlorox Pet Urine Remover out of desperation. My go-to one wasn’t available. With the low price of $5.99. I figured worst-case scenario, I was out of a few dollars.

But was I ever in for a surprise! This stuff works better than anything I have ever tried before and it immediately became my favorite pet urine stain remover.

Unlike those air fresheners that try to outdo your cat’s “perfume,” Chlorox relies on enzymes to break down stains and odors. It’s like having a magic wand that says, “Abracadabra, no more cat-tastrophes!”

Cleanliness Fit for a Cat-Lover’s Palace

Ever worried that your floors, carpets, or antique armchair would become your cat’s art gallery for mishaps? Worry not! Chlorox Pet Urine Remover won’t leave a trace. It’s like your cat’s mess never happened, and they can’t argue with that. It’s the clean slate your cat wishes they had after a knock-over-the-vase incident.

I’ve used this on non-washable surfaces, such as my sofa to clean up a hairball stain (it’s good for that, too) and the result was nothing short of amazing. Zero residue (not even a water stain like rim), hairball stain was gone, and the area smelled heavenly fresh. It’s truly THAT impressive!

Pawsitively Effective – Even for the Trickiest Cats!

This stuff is so good; even the most cunning cats can’t outsmart it. Chlorox Pet Urine Remover is like the cat whisperer of stain removers. Whether your kitty is a first-time offender or a seasoned mischief-maker, this pet urine remover steps in, takes control, and leaves your home smelling like a field of catnip.

I use it to clean my self-cleaning litter boxes, leaving them smelling fresher than a cat’s guilty conscience after knocking a glass off the counter! Just a quick spray and wipe down and voila – you ask yourself if your cat ever used that litter box, it smells that good.

Once a month I do a litter box deep clean and soak that entire surface in this stuff. It gets rid of any urine stains and of course the dreaded pee odor. No need to haul the box into the shower to hose it down and then wait hours for it to completely dry.

A Whiff of Kitty Heaven – Chlorox Pet Urine Remover

Worried your home will smell like a cat convention gone wrong? Think again! Chlorox comes with a scent that’s as inviting as a box with an open lid. It’s like turning your home into the ultimate kitty paradise without the need for a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

Seriously, this stuff smells so good. Again, when I first bought it I was prepared for some god-awful smell that was overpowering and would make me gag. Nope! It smells almost like freshly done laundry and is there anyone who doesn’t love that?


To sum it up, Clorox Pet Urine Remover is your feline-friendly sidekick for vanishing cat mishaps and their telltale signs with a sprinkle of cat humor.

With its stain-fighting prowess, stain-proof promise, unbeatable effectiveness, and a scent that will make you the cat’s favorite human, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it. Bid adieu to cat-astrophes and say hello to a home that’s cleaner and cat-tastic!

Chlorox Pet Urine Remover

Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs

Pet Odor Treatment


Enzyme based
Won’t stain your floors/carpets or furnishing
Heavenly pleasant scent
Highly effective

None really