Meet Fatz Domino, the ACFA-registered feline sensation who’s here to tickle your funny bone and steal your heart! 🐾

Fatz Domino may have short hair, but he’s long on charm and personality. With feet as straight as a ruler and a tail that could double as a question mark, he’s the living embodiment of quirkiness. If he were a cat celebrity, he’d be the Cat King of Comedy, without a doubt!

This little bundle of fur is so playful that even a bouncing rubber ball would get jealous. Feather toys? Fatz Domino chases them like he’s auditioning for the Kitty Olympics. If there were a gold medal for silliness, he’d take it home without breaking a sweat. In fact, he’d probably trip over his own tail, adding an extra layer of hilarity to his victory dance.

When he’s not busy entertaining you with his acrobatic stunts, Fatz Domino is a professional snugglebug. His cuddles are so warm and fuzzy that you’ll forget all about your daily stresses. Just be prepared for his mischievous sense of humor, which might involve a well-timed purr in your ear or an unexpected paw tickle.

Loving, playful, silly – Fatz Domino is the cat who knows how to keep life interesting. So if you’re looking for a furry friend to brighten your days and fill your home with laughter, look no further than Fatz Domino, the sensational, tail-hooked, and utterly delightful kitten extraordinaire! 🐱❤️🎉


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    3/4 tail with kink at the end

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