Meet Lupe, one stunning kitten! With her short hair, massive straight paws, a full-length tail, and an incredible face, she’s definitely a looker. She’s already quite “hefty”, so she promises to be a good-sized adult. And just check out those ear tufts!!

But it’s not just about looks and size – this girl has a personality as charming as her appearance. Lupe is a social butterfly, loving the company of both people, other cats, and even dogs. How versatile is that?

This missy is nearly fearless. Vacuum? Heck, yeah! Swifer Wet Jet? Bring it on! People? The more, the merrier. And dogs – well, if she must. Just kidding. She adores our two canine world wonders, Wookie and Han Solo.

Now, here’s the scoop: Lupe is ready to roll! She’s been spayed, is fully vaccinated, and even microchipped.


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