Meet Maru, the captivating TICA and ACFA-registered Pixie Bob cat, who holds a special place in our hearts as our main man. His presence is truly commanding, boasting amazing Pixie Bob cat size, a great face, and a stunning coat with beautiful coloring.

But it’s not just his striking looks that make him stand out; Maru’s endearing personality is what truly sets him apart and he liberally passes this on to his kittens. He is a true sweetheart, exuding warmth and affection to everyone he encounters.

Maru’s friendly and outgoing nature means he has never met a stranger, and his charm has a way of winning over the hearts of all who cross his path. With his irresistible combination of looks and charm, Maru is a beloved and cherished companion in our lives.


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  • Tail

    3″ Tail

pixie bob cat size