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The Evolutionary Leap – Why You Should Feed Raw Food For Cats

In the wild, cats are the ultimate meat lovers, strutting around like they own the place. RawPaws Pet Food taps into this wild side, giving your cat a taste of the jungle in every bite. It’s like a cat version of a Michelin-starred restaurant, minus the fancy table manners.

The Nutritional Powerhouse – What Sets RawPaws Raw Food for Cats Apart

RawPaws Raw Food for Cats is not just a meal; it’s a leap into the evolutionary runway of feline fashion. Say goodbye to boring kibble, and hello to a menu that would make even the trendiest saber-toothed tiger jealous. Your cat deserves a diet that’s as stylish as its stalking technique.

Digestive Delight – Supporting Cat’s Sensitive Stomachs

Does your cat give you the stink eye after a meal? It’s probably the additives and fillers in their food. RawPaws Raw Food for cats eliminates the mystery ingredients, making sure your cat’s digestive system stays as happy as a cat in a room full of laser pointers.

Stronger Teeth and Gums – Chewing into Dental Health

Who knew your cat’s secret weapon against plaque wasn’t a tiny tooth fairy but RawPaws Raw Food for Cats? It’s like sending in the dental SWAT team armed with enzymes, a squad that traditional wet food and kibbles can only dream of. Picture this: Mr. McFoodie’s teeth getting a spa treatment every meal, breaking down plaque like it’s trying to escape a horror movie.

Now, instead of counting the days until your cat’s next teeth cleaning appointment, count the dollars you’ll save. Your wallet might just throw a little party when it realizes it won’t be funding the dentist’s vacation home. Cheers to a cat with a dazzling smile and a human with a fuller wallet!

Shiny Coats and Happy Cats – The Beauty of Essential Fatty Acids

Is your cat’s coat duller than a rainy Monday? Fear not! RawPaws Raw Food for cats includes essential fatty acids that can turn your cat into the Fabio of the feline world. Prepare for compliments from jealous goldfish neighbors.

Weight Management – Tailoring the Diet for a Perfect Fit

Obesity is a growing concern among cats, leading to various health issues. RawPaws Raw Cat Food is here to be the best solution!

Forget about your cat’s potential career as a plus-size model; we’re talking portion control without the need for a cat-sized personal trainer. Most cat owners dealing with a pleasantly plump furball might resort to wet food, thinking it’s the Gwyneth Paltrow of the cat food world.

But wait, RawPaws Raw Cat Food is here to show you that portion control can be as easy as a catnap in the sun. It’s like a tailor-made diet plan, ensuring your cat struts around with the confidence of a supermodel, minus the diva demands. Now your cat won’t just be watching its weight; it’ll be flaunting it like the trendsetter it was born to be.

Immunological Boost – Strengthening the Immune System

RawPaws Raw Cat Food is like a superhero costume for your cat’s immune system. With nutrient-dense ingredients and none of those pesky (and nutritionally worthless fillers), your cat will be ready to conquer the evil villains of illnesses and infections. Cue the dramatic catnip-filled cape!

This holds particularly true for male cats prone to Urinary Tract Infections!

Transitioning Tips – Making the Switch Seamless

Transitioning to a new diet can be a cat-astrophe, but fear not! RawPaws provides tips to make the switch drama-free. Your cat will thank you with a theatrical purr, a standing ovation, or maybe just a dignified head nod.

You Can’t Beat the Price & Convenience

I used to feed a local brand of commercially prepared raw food – Wild Country to be more specific. I paid $8/lbs. (not including sales tax). RawPaws sets me back $8.66/lbs which includes a $30 shipping charge for any order under $199. For a mere $0.66/lbs I don’t have to take the time to drive to the pet store nor pay for gas and wear/tear on my car.

The food arrives in a nice container, frozen and fresh right at my front door. All I need to do is grab it, put it in the freezer, and voila – done!

Now, as you might imagine, as a breeder I have a few snouts to feed. I usually order more than $199 worth of products thus getting free shipping. That brings the price per pound down to $7 – very economical.

They even offer Autoship, so you never run out. And the best thing – if you opt into Autoship, your first order receives a 20% discount. Now, of course, RawPaws isn’t just for cats. They have plenty of options for your canine companions as well. My dog Wookie is a HUGE fan!


RawPaws Raw Cat Food is not just a meal; it’s a comedy show for your cat’s taste buds. It’s time to let your feline friend indulge in a diet that’s as hilarious as it is healthy. Make the switch and get ready for a round of applause from your very own furry food critic!

And if you are hesitant because you know that Fluffball is a picky eater, you can simply order the Intro FREE Ship Pack. Just click on the link and it’s all yours.

RawPaws Raw Food For Cats

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Raw Food for Cats


Lots of different flavors
Available anywhere in the United States
Great consistency, just the right amount and size of chewy chunks
Excellent price point
Top-notch customer service

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